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James Brokenshire

8th October 2021

The Thames Estuary Envoy, Kate Willard OBE, and The Thames Estuary Growth Board are very saddened to learn of James Brokenshire’s passing and send our condolences to his wife, children, family, friends, and colleagues.

As Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, James Brokenshire was responsible for the Government’s response to the Thames Estuary 2050 Commission.

In that response, Mr Brokenshire, a “proud Essex boy” born in Southend, described the unique strengths of the Thames Estuary and its “potential to power growth for the benefit of local communities and our entire country after Brexit.”

He said realising that potential would require a bolder approach from local partners and a new governance model to drive it, because “the people and the places that make it so special deserve no less.”

The creation of a Thames Estuary Growth Board led by a dedicated Thames Estuary Envoy will be one of many of James Brokenshire’s achievements and legacies. He recognised it would need something different to really deliver upon the potential of this amazing place, and we have made huge strides forward in the past year. We will continue to honour his memory by working hard to finish the task he started.

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