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Global Works

The Thames Estuary Global Works programme

Estuaries have been central to growth through history. Evidence in the report demonstrates this continues to be true and that this growth permeates widely beyond the estuaries.

Working in partnership with Arcadis, The Thames Estuary’s Global Works programme is galvanising Global Britain ambitions to proactively forge links across the world.

This programme sets out a roadmap for growth for how we are going to work internationally, how we can operate with Government to support Global Britain and – critically – what this new way of working may deliver.

The establishment of the Arcadis Global Estuaries Network will be a major element of our approach, linking us to estuaries around the world – and estuaries to us – who have already indicated an appetite to work collaboratively to drive investment and growth.

Global Estuaries Network Report

What does Global Britain mean for local growth? Our Global Estuaries Network report starts to answer that question. As the UK’s number one, Government-backed, Good Green Growth opportunity, we are reaching out to other regions to create synergies and attract sustainable investment.

With research and insight from think tank Localis, world-leading sustainable solution consultancy Arcadis, and the universities of Roehampton and Oxford, our report explores how local growth can be released through international partnerships and the opportunity presented by the UK’s first state-level trade deal.

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