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Hydrogen in the Thames Estuary

The Thames Estuary is uniquely placed to develop a hydrogen ecosystem.

It will have far-reaching, positive levelling up and net zero implications for the region and the UK:

  • Supporting UK Government’s hydrogen and net zero strategies.
  • Creating thousands of jobs.
  • Reducing reliance on limited fossil fuels.
  • Reducing carbon emissions.

The opportunities and benefits are outlined in our Hydrogen Route Map.

The Thames Estuary Hydrogen Route Map

The Thames Estuary Hydrogen Route Map presents research by Ikigai and DNV which identifies the needs and opportunities across multiple sectors for an Estuary hydrogen ecosystem.

It reveals a hydrogen ecosystem here capable of attracting multi-billion-pound investment.

Now investors, clean energy companies, experts, academics and funders can become part of developing this exciting and unparalleled hydrogen ecosystem. Join us.

Decorative photo of woman sitting on a bench on a promenade by the sea on a bright sunny day.

What is in the Thames Estuary Hydrogen Route Map?

In our Hydrogen Route Map you can find out about:

  • Why the Estuary is uniquely placed to become a hydrogen ecosystem.
  • The research methods and modelling Ikigai and DNV have used.
  • Supply and demand across many different sectors in the Estuary.
  • The uses that are best suited to hydrogen.
  • The types of hydrogen considered as part of this.
  • The ‘cluster’ locations identified.
  • Worked case study of a cluster in the region.
  • Investment plan and investor ask.
  • How to get involved as an investor, business, university or another stakeholder.
Cover of Hydrogen Route Map

Benefits of developing a hydrogen ecosystem in the Estuary

It is estimated that, by 2035, demand for hydrogen manufacture and supply in the Estuary could support:

  • More than £2.2 billion of investment.
  • 9,000 jobs in the region.
  • Provide £3.8 billion of cumulative Gross Value Added.
  • Create an additional 5,300 jobs in downstream automotive and manufacturing.
  • Transitioning away from fossil fuels.
  • Addressing issues of poor air quality and improving health and wellbeing.
  • Eliminate up to 5.9 million tonnes a year of CO2 emissions.
Graphic showing the benefits of the Thames Estuary hydrogen ecosystem.

Sectors that will benefit from hydrogen production
  • Ports, maritime and river transport.
  • Airports and aviation.
  • Construction.
  • Distribution and logistics.
  • Residential.
  • Industry.
Photo of Port of Tilbury. Ports, waterborne freight and logistics would all benefit from hydrogen production in the Thames Estuary.

Our role in the UK’s hydrogen strategy, levelling up and achieving net zero

The Thames Estuary has the capability to turbo-charge the Government’s ambition to become a global player in hydrogen energy and its net zero goal.

It would also set a course for the Estuary to become a global leader in research and development, trialling cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

Our Thames Estuary Levelling Up Data Atlas shows the high levels of deprivation across the Estuary and why we need to level up the region.

Our region currently produces more carbon emissions than any of the UK’s industrial clusters, changing that will make a huge impact on the country’s emissions.

Aerial view of the River Thames at sunset.

The investment and development opportunities

Our ambition is to deliver projects in a short timescale (2-3 years) our assessment of hydrogen applications is based on that. We want to kickstart our energy transition, and develop the longer term pipeline.

We have spoken to over 120 potential investors. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive

We invite investors, researchers and developers, businesses and universities to get in touch about this opportunity that will have regional, national and international benefits.

Contact or

Graphic saying our ambition os to deliver projects in a 2 to 3 year time scale.. Contact us today

Why the Thames Estuary Growth Board is developing an Estuary hydrogen ecosystem

Our work is about unlocking the vast potential of the Thames Estuary, the UK’s best growth opportunity. The region has the potential to create 1.3 million jobs and add £190 billion to the nations’ economy by 2050.

We are committed to unlocking this through good, green growth and making this the cleanest Estuary in the world. Read about our plans in the Green Blue.

The Estuary presents a unique and powerful opportunity for building a hydrogen ecosystem at a scale and critical mass that makes it uniquely attractive for investment. The Estuary has an important role to play alongside other regions to ensure the UK reaches its zero carbon ambitions.

The Green Blue our vision

Find out more

Hydrogen Route Map

Contact us today!

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