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The Kentish Soap Company

5th March 2021

The Kentish Soap Company is an award winning, independent, family-run business making and selling natural soaps, candles, bath and body products. They have been based in Sittingbourne, north Kent since September 2018.

Founder, Jayne Waddy began making soaps for her own use in her kitchen in 2006 because she was concerned about what was in bought products. Her beautifully scented natural soaps soon gained popularity and by 2018 Dad, John, and daughter, Emma, had joined as full-time soapers.

All the natural soaps, candles, bath and body products are made by the team so that they know exactly what goes into them.

The Kentish Soap Company doesn’t use any plastic in their packaging. Instead, all the packaging is either compostable or recyclable in the case of those products that come in aluminium tins (aluminium is one of the world’s most recycled materials and its properties do not degrade during recycling).

The team made a conscious decision early on not to use palm oil in any of their products because of concerns over its impact on deforestation, and destruction of habitat for already endangered species such as orangutan, pygmy elephant and Sumatran rhino.

For their candles, the Kentish Soap Company use soy wax from soya grown in the European Union which is repurposed farmland rather than new land that has been cleared.

As well as making sustainable choices around product ingredients and packaging the business extends this ethos to their postage choices. They use Royal Mail or carbon-neutral couriers for deliveries (Royal Mail because the postman / postwoman is out and about any way, so this minimises the carbon footprint).

The Kentish Soap Company’s postage labels are also compostable, because as John Waddy, The Kentish Soap Company, says “There’s nothing worse than receiving an eco-friendly product with a plastic-based, single use, label on the parcel!”

Soy wax candle fragranced with rosemary, cinnamon and orange essential oils in recyclable tin made by the award-winning Kentish Soap Company

The Kentish Soap Company creates beautiful natural soaps, candles, bath and body products. Photos credit: @jamesdaveyphotography

Sustainable shampoo innovations

The team are always looking for ways to be greener. In 2019 they launched their solid shampoo bars to help customers continue to reduce their plastic waste in the bathroom.

It doesn’t stop there. The company not only provides products in recyclable or compostable packaging, but have also looked at reducing the amount of packaging. In 2019 they introduced an award-winning soap box subscription service which reduces the packaging that comes with the bars.

Teaching others to make their own eco beauty products

The team love to share their knowledge. When it is safe to do the team run workshops where you can learn the art of artisanal environmentally friendly soap-making and take home your own gorgeous vegan-friendly gifts.

Jayne Waddy, Founder, says “I love showing people how to make their own all-natural soaps. Nothing beats being in a room full of new smiles and fresh scents.”

Standout sustainability achievements:
  • Premises 100% powered by renewable energy.
  • 100% of product packaging is plastic-free.
  • None of their products contains palm oil.
  • 100% of their products are vegan-friendly.
  • Winner – Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2020
  • Bronze Medallist – Free From Skincare Awards 2020
  • Good Retail Awards Shortlist 2020

John Waddy says “Being as sustainable as we can be is central to our beliefs and we’re driven both by our desire to give customers a sustainable product choice and by our customers’ demands that we provide our products as responsibly as possible.”

Kate Willard OBE, Estuary Envoy says “Clearly, this is a very impressive family company committed to sustainability who are showing through their shampoo bars and subscription packages that they are always striving to go further. I am absolutely delighted to welcome them as Thames Estuary Visionaries!”

If you would like to nominate your organisation or one you know to become a Visionary please get in touch.