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Roseville Projects

25th November 2020
Worker treating steel beams with new decorative fire protection system used for the first time in the UK by Roseville Projects at 60 London Wall.

New fire protection solution applied at 60 London Wall

Roseville Projects is a Billericay based specialist decorating contractor focused on developing innovative new solutions that mitigate the impact of decorating on the environment.

The business works with architects and main contractors across London and the South East, to help construction projects mitigate the impact of decorating and firestopping on the environment, as well as meeting WELL building standards, which take a holistic approach to health in the built environment.

As a decorating specialist contractor, Roseville Projects has built its business over the past 22 years and has become recognised as the decorating contractor of choice for progressive projects with complex environmental challenges or environmental impact aims.

‘Industry First’ Achieves 80% Less Environmental Impact: 60 London Wall

One such shining example is the 60 London Wall project, undertaken by Roseville Projects on behalf of Skanska.

Reworking a 1980s office building into 20,000 sq. ft of modern retail space and 325,000 sq. ft of prime workspace presents its challenges. Challenges which are amplified when the building is in the centre of London’s financial district, where noise and other environmental restrictions are rigorously imposed.

The building’s original board fire protection was stripped from the structural columns and beams to expose steelwork that would take centre stage in EPR Architects’ new design. This meant that a media blasting solution was required to prepare steelwork for a new decorative fire protection system.

In response Roseville Projects developed an innovative new sponge media blasting (a composite of open cell sponge and abrasive) and decorative structural solution. The first of its kind in UK construction, this solution minimised the environmental impact of this construction project, by greatly reducing dust and, because it is recyclable, also cutting the actual tonnage of waste media required compared to other products.

If this system is applied to future blasting works within the UK, the environmental impact of waste media would be reduced up to 80%. That’s 80% less product, 80% less landfill, 80% less delivery cost, 80% less disposal cost.

Sustainable and Healthy Workplace: 51 Moorgate

Another stand out project is Skanska’s London HQ, 51 Moorgate, where designers hoped to achieve a modern, sustainable, and healthy workplace where people and businesses can thrive.

Roseville’s specialist team helped Skanska and architects John Robertson Associates achieve their vision and meet the building’s ambitious WELL Building Standard. Specifically, to ensure materials reduce human exposure to hazardous building material ingredients through the restriction or elimination of compounds or products known to be toxic and the promotion of safer replacements.

Mark Stewart, Managing Director of Roseville Projects says: “The specialist solutions we develop for built environment projects demonstrate that it is possible to greatly reduce the impact of decorating and firestopping on the environment. At 60 London Wall we showed the huge reduction in environmental impact that can be achieved. Reducing landfill costs alone by £105,000, reducing environmental impact to air quality by 40%, requiring 80% less product, 80% less landfill and 80% less disposal cost.”

Kate Willard OBE, Thames Estuary Envoy and Chair Thames Estuary Growth Board, comments: “Roseville Projects work brilliantly in partnership with architects and contractors to meet and exceed important environmental standards across large-scale commercial building projects. Their dedication to reducing environment impact makes them a worthy Thames Estuary Visionary and we look forward to working with them.”

If you would like to nominate your organisation or one you know to become a Visionary please get in touch.