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Gallagher Group

14th May 2021

Gallagher Group is one of the South East’s leading civil engineering, aggregates, recycled aggregates, concrete and quarrying businesses. Notably, it’s the UK’s sole supplier of Kentish Ragstone, a unique building material used since Roman times to build London; it is a distinctive feature of historic buildings including the Tower of London and London Wall. In 2020, they completed their own new development, on behalf of their tenant M&S, that included the largest Ragstone structure built in the modern era.

Founded in 1973, Gallagher Group is deeply rooted in its local Kent and wider Thames Estuary community. The company is committed to employing local people, and provides extensive opportunities for work experience, training and apprenticeships for young people.

Meeting environmental standards

Gallagher Group has built its operations around addressing environmental concerns and adopting best practice, consistently working above and beyond the requirements of current legislation.

Gallagher operational companies are accredited to ISO 14001 for environmental management and apply the international standard Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) sustainability assessment methodology on their development projects.

To promote enhanced working practices and ensure compliance, the Group also provides training and support for its suppliers and sub-contractors to increase their awareness of reducing their carbon footprint and enhancing the local environment.

Going carbon neutral

Gallagher Group’s civil engineering business has been certified as carbon neutral for building energy, gas oil, contracted and vehicle fuel by Carbon Footprint Ltd. The company has offset over 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide since 2020. Gallagher Aggregates has developed a six-step process to move towards a fully functional circular economy within its quarrying and aggregate manufacturing and processing operations.

Gallagher Group digger at work in Hermitage quarry, Kent

Gallagher Group strives to go beyond industry environmental standards.

Recycling materials

Gallagher Group is one of the region’s leaders in recycling construction waste. Its Hermitage Quarry facility is one of the most advanced in the UK, and can process materials including concrete and masonry from buildings, tarmacadam from roadworks, and rubble produced by utility works, such as laying and repairing water and gas pipes and electricity cables. Each year, the Group produces around 750,000 tonnes of recycled aggregates, which conform to Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP) standards and can be used in a wide variety of construction projects. Further pioneering and innovate techniques are being researched to make use of waste materials from other industries.

Waste that can’t be recycled is used to infill previously quarried land. The Group aims to restore land to a condition that is actually better than it was before. At Hermitage Quarry, near Maidstone, for example, over 75 acres of land have been reinstated with over 250,000 new trees, shrubs and hedging plants, which are now home to more than 40 species of birds; rich ancient woodland soil has been carefully translocated to preserve the area’s natural heritage. The site is also criss-crossed by miles of cycling, walking and equestrian routes, bringing huge amenity benefits to the local community.

Pat Gallagher, the Group’s founder, said: “I am immensely proud that Gallagher Group is now recognised across our region, and increasingly beyond it, as a diverse, flexible, highly capable and completely trustworthy partner. Caring for our people and environment is central to our approach and truly sets us apart. We offer fantastic opportunities within our team for like-minded people who share our vision and want to be part of a successful, sustainable enterprise with a real family feel.”

Kate Willard OBE, Estuary Envoy, said: “This family-run company has shown a long-term commitment to green growth and the local community. They are ambitious about becoming greener and taking action to look after the people and environment they work in. I am very proud to welcome Gallagher Group as an Estuary Visionary.”

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