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11th May 2021

We will be hosting a workshop for hydrogen investors on 18 May to discuss opportunities and challenges for creating a hydrogen ecosystem in the region. The outcomes will inform the development of a capital investment plan and ongoing engagement with Government.

The workshop will be led by Ikigai Capital and DNV who were appointed to deliver the hydrogen investment strategy for the Thames Estuary in February and follows a techno-economic workshop for local stakeholders held in March.

To date, Ikigai and DNV have analysed the scale of the hydrogen ecosystem opportunity in the Estuary considering hydrogen demand, supply, distribution and storage; the policy and regulatory landscape and upcoming announcements; and the key filtering characteristics and strategies for demand aggregation to facilitate the development of multiple “hydrogen-led clusters”.

At the May workshop, Ikigai and DNV will provide an overview of the techno-economic and policy work undertaken to date and present the proposed “hydrogen led cluster” case studies to gain investors’ feedback on:

  • the viability of the proposed business models and asset classes (and examples of similar/alternative approaches internationally);
  • key perceived risks to be mitigated/allocated and the parties best able to bear those risks;
  • possible funding structures at a project, portfolio and regional level and available guarantee/insurance products;
  • the role of Government in accelerating deployment and necessary policy/investment interventions;
  • proposed next steps for Thames Estuary Growth Board engagement with the funding community (including the appointment of a “funder advisory panel” to drive forward capital investment beyond the conclusion of this stage of the Growth Board’s work).

The event is online and is aimed at only those actively involved in assessing hydrogen-related investment opportunities. Numbers are limited to facilitate open discussion.

To register for the event, please email with your preferred time:

  • Option 1: 18 May @ 8-9:30am UK time; or
  • Option 2: 18 May @ 2-3:30pm UK time.

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