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22nd February 2021

We are partnering with Highways England to seek an experienced consultant to provide a clear ‘call to action’ report that sets out the benefits of the Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) project for communities, businesses and government across the Estuary region, along with recommendations and/or examples of the actions that will further enhance the benefits of the project.

The Thames Estuary is Britain’s biggest growth opportunity, with the potential to create 1.3 million jobs and add £190 billion to the UK economy. The Growth Board has a mandate to catalyse and generate good, green growth across the Estuary, and our ‘Green Blue’ action plan sets out our ambitions to fulfil the region’s enormous potential. We are jointly commissioning this study with Highways England to highlight the transformative effects the LTC will bring to our local communities and businesses, as well as the wider South East region and the UK as a whole.

We want to make the benefits of the LTC as tangible for stakeholders as possible and bring to life how it could realise opportunities for the economy and communities across the Estuary and beyond. We recognise that the LTC project has the potential to bring about positive change and we’re looking for an experienced partner to help us identify our crucial next step. We’re in a good place. Join us.

The bidding process opens on Friday 19 February and the closing date for submissions is Friday 12 March, with results of the evaluation expected to follow around 19 March. The duration of this contract is 10 weeks, commencing 22 March 2021. We have a budget of £75,000 for this work.

Please click on the link below to go directly to the In-Tend supplier portal where you can view and download the ITT Documents and express an interest:

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