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26th February 2021

We have appointed Groundwork London’s Geospatial and Data Services team to create an interactive marketing map of our region.

The map will be used as a shop window to showcase opportunities within the Estuary to businesses considering re-location or start-up; and signpost investors/developers to potential sites and land.

The Thames Estuary is the UK’s number one growth opportunity. It has excellent links into central London and major European cities; and has vast swathes of riverside and brownfield land available for building everything from new housing, global headquarters, mass logistics centres to Hollywood-rivalling film studios. Indeed, many of those developments are already happening, but there is room for more.

Groundwork London, an environmental regeneration charity that specialises in geospatial analysis, mapping and data management system development, were selected following a competitive tendering exercise. Their submission demonstrated a razor-sharp grasp of our brief and their back catalogue of work chimed with our needs.

Kate Willard OBE, Thames Estuary Envoy, said: “We are thrilled to select Groundwork to deliver this important tool which will help us sell the Estuary to the widest range of investors, developers and businesses. The Estuary is brimming with potential and opportunity and this map will show it all. It will be our shining shop window and will play a key role in our marketing and events.”

Lindy Kelly, Executive Director, Groundwork London, said: “We are delighted to be part of this exciting mapping project with The Thames Estuary Growth Board. The Estuary represents a great strategic opportunity for growth, and we are pleased to be working in partnership to inspire future developments.”

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