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How we work with investors

We are your investment partner

We work with investors to match opportunities to funding. The Thames Estuary Growth Board is identifying new opportunities and working with partners to unlock this potential through good, green growth. We are an investment partner, investing in early-stage projects as a catalyst for significant new private sector investment.

  • We advocate for investment into the Estuary to public and private sectors in the UK and abroad to accelerate growth.
  • We convene local partners and agencies together to accelerate growth and delivery.
  • We are a strategic investment partner: we identify co-investment opportunities, attract private and public investment, de-risk delivery and work with investors for short and long-term gain.

We are interested in projects where we can add value and where it makes sense to operate at a spatial scale or to lever private sector investment – public sector investment proposals are for catalyst funding only.

The Thames Estuary is full of exciting opportunities. This will be regularly updated as they evolve.

We make good things happen.

The Thames Estuary is ripe for investment

  • Location: This is a region of rich land and maritime history, that is home to around 3.6 million people in its cities, towns and rural villages. It is a geographically diverse region which stretches from the global City of London to Southend and coastal Essex, and through Canterbury to the famous white cliffs of the Kent coast.
  • Transport: Major transport corridors run from capital to coast; we have the UK’s only highspeed rail service and significant airports and seaports, including the Thames Freeport that facilitates international trade. The River Thames provides unparalleled transport potential. There is nowhere better connected to London and the rest of the world.
  • Skills: This is a region of innovation and invention. Our region is home to leading Further Education Colleges and Universities, including an Institute of Technology.
  • Strategic sites: The Thames Estuary is transforming. There are huge opportunities in current and future commercial and residential development sites including Thames Freeport, Ebbsfleet, Thamesmead, and Barking Riverside.