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Seeing Good, Green Growth in action

14th August 2020

Today I was lucky enough to do three lovely things, and in shimmering, glorious sunshine which was even better….

First, I was on site at Bericote Properties’ distribution centre development at Dartford. One of the most impressive developments currently underway on the river, it’s a great use of a previously redundant site (the old Littlebrook Power Station), bringing storage and distribution capacity in a super sensible location, but it’s their attention to – and understanding of – the green growth agenda that is really powerful.

At the site, a huge 99% of materials from the former power station were recycled, saving the equivalent of 2 million tonnes of CO2. Impressively, there will be no mains gas to the development – instead, the roof is marked for PV installation to power the building. And 30,000m3 of aggregate will be delivered to site by barge along the river, taking 4,000 HGV movements off the road.

Truly great, green growth, literally coming out of the ground.

Secondly, we were joined on site By Glyn Jones (CEO Stobart Aviation, representing London Southend Airport) and Elvis and Kresse, founders of sustainable fashion company Elvis and Kresse. Glyn is doing an amazing job making sure that London Southend Airport takes its green credential really seriously – and Elvis and Kresse are doing an equally amazing job rescuing raw materials, transforming them into luxury lifestyle accessories and then donating 50% of profits back to charities.

Great green growth takes lots of forms. From our airports to our small and beautiful businesses, the Estuary is proving its green growth credentials across space, scale and style.

And thirdly, I spent a quiet moment in the sun on the bank of the river at the Bericote site. Just reflecting. Suddenly, two kids went flying by (with one v. impressive wheelie!) on their bikes, whooping and laughing.

Sunshine. The river. Couple of bikes. Doesn’t take a lot to make a great day does it.

Note to self: remember you have pledged to make access to the river front for everyone a real priority. Get on with it, girl.