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Getting creative in the Thames Estuary

24th June 2020

Kate went to drama college in Bexley and is a trained actress and director; she is also a Churchill Fellow, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and sits on the Arts Council’s National Council. She is passionate about the arts and through her professional endeavors has become an expert on the role of creative industries as a catalyst for growth.


The Thames Estuary is buzzing with creative spirit, ingenuity and expression. Culture and creativity bring real opportunity, which is why we are supporting a number of strategic projects including the Thames Estuary Production Corridor, the Estuary 2021 festival and Creative Estuary. But it’s about more than bringing in cultural ventures, it’s also about liberating the creative spirit of the people of the Estuary themselves. Giving voice. Giving expression. Giving volume.

The Thames Estuary Production Corridor is a bold vision to build a world-class centre for creative production along the Estuary. This Corridor has the potential to create 50,000 jobs and generate £3.7bn for the UK economy, becoming the UK’s largest concentration of creative production. As part of the Production Corridor, Creative Estuary is driving forward a creative and economic evolution, unlocking the Estuary’s potential as an international production hub and an inspiring place to work for a new generation of creative talent. 

Estuary 2021 (Spring) is the second edition of the large-scale arts festival that celebrates and acknowledges the lives, landscapes and histories of the spectacular Thames Estuary. An amazing programme of artworks and events will reflect powerful themes across the Estuary – both on the river and on its banks in South Essex and on the North Kent coastline. 

A large-scale, creative participation project is already underway – #thewaterreplies will see over 300 adults keep creative journals about life by the water, and 4,000 young people create poetry to be shared on poster sites across the region.

 So, all of this leaves us in a good place to deliver growth.

Equally, it leaves us in a position to see and feel good. Whether big or small, sung or drawn, simple or mind-bendingly intricate, a momentary flash or cast in stone – creativity has the power to shine light on a rough day, a dull commute or an otherwise tedious Tuesday afternoon.

So, this leaves us in a good place to deliver joy.

Growth and joy. What’s not to like.