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Conservative Party Conference #CPC21

4th October 2021

This week is the Conservative Party Conference, and I am excited to be heading up to Manchester to meet with ministers and journalists at the event in one of my favourite cities.

As the Chair of the Thames Estuary Growth Board – the UK’s number one growth opportunity – and the independent Estuary Envoy, I am going up to champion our region.

I have a packed diary with 1:1 meetings, events, discussions and visiting exhibitors at the conference but also some unscheduled time where I hope to grab a coffee a speak with people and build important connections.

My unique and independent role as Estuary Envoy is an advantage

I am delighted that my role allows me to assist businesses and organisations in the Estuary to remove barriers to projects that would otherwise have been delayed or lost completely.

There are lots of instances where I can step in to make sure that deals are secured, jobs and investment come to the region. Sometimes it’s about getting the right people to speak to each other.

One of my favourite examples was working with Bericote, one of the region’s Estuary Visionary businesses, and decision makers at two of the fantastic local government bodies in the region to broker a deal that unlocked thousands of jobs and millions of pounds of investment.

 — RICHARD SAINT, DIRECTOR OF BERICOTE (DEVELOPER) said“2,000 jobs and £250m investment, all secured during Covid…All the years of project development and hard work from Dartford and Kent County Council would have come to nothing without Kate securing a supportive consensus from the many outstanding consultees. And this is just phase one.”

I will be singing loud and proud about the good green, growth potential in the Estuary, but also the wonderful examples that are here already.

The Thames Estuary is not only the UK’s number one growth opportunity [please read with soft M&S advert voice] it is the number one green, growth opportunity, and I look forward to speaking to ministers and journalist about it in Manchester.

Find out more about the Estuary Visionary scheme

If you would like to know more about me, you can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter