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Unlocking Transformation: The Actress to the Envoy

6th April 2022

What career path would you follow to become Envoy and Chair of the Growth Board for the UK’s number one growth opportunity?

Training as an actress and being smuggled across borders have been pivotal in preparing me for this dual role. I was delighted to talk to Adam Scott, Founder of Freestate, on his podcast about my unique career trajectory and more.

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Join us to find out about:

  • Why the Thames Estuary and the River Thames are special.
  • How the Thames Estuary Growth Board will be fearless, agile and different in how we work with government, partners and investors.
  • How leaving school at 17 and crossing borders in the boot of a car were great choices for me.
  • Some of my proudest Estuary achievements to date, and
  • Why it is important to make sure the good, green growth that we unlock benefits people in the Thames Estuary.

Huge thanks to Adam and his team – recording this this podcast was a delight from start to finish.

Freestate have years of experience helping clients create places that are all about people and produce a great podcast that has featured people around the world with interesting stories about doing things differently.

I highly recommend listening to a few episodes of FreeThinking and thinking freely.

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